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Madrid City in English
Tuesday 20th of November 2018

Everything tagged with top ten list

Top ten cuts to the Spanish language

Cuatro Caminos Metro station will be cut to Tres Caminos.


Muchos gracias is excessive for the current situation. This year, it will be cut to menos gracias.


Plaza Mayor will be re-named Plaza Menor.


Top ten Valentine’s gift responses

1. A CD! But… the Berlusconi Love Songs album???

2. A Venus Fly Trap is not a substitute for roses!

3. Anti-ageing cream??

4. A saucepan? Yes, I love it, because if I raise it like this…

5. I don’t care if you’ve lined up the mushrooms in the shape of a heart, it’s still a pizza!!!

Top Ten: Beware the ides of March

1. Bedside—a view of this frequently means you’ve fallen out of bed. In a worst case scenario, you may find your alarm clock wedged in a very unfortunate place.

Top Ten: travel destinations by Metro

1. Ibiza (line 9)—just dance discreetly with friends on the platform for a few minutes, share a bottle of coca-cola, and you can admit to having partied in Ibiza.

Top ten: streets of honour

1. Calle Tintin y Milu—near Alameda de Osuna Metro, Madrid has a street dedicated to cartoon heroes Tintin and Snowy! We await a similar honour for Captain Haddock or the Thomson twins.

Top ten: Madrid Summer Dances

1. The “Cross-Road” Scurry—a team dance, in which all participants hide in the shade near a road junction until the “green man” appears. Everyone then scurries across the sunlit street as quickly as possible, usually in small, quick steps.