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Madrid City in English
Tuesday 20th of November 2018

Everything tagged with romance

Top ten Valentine’s gift responses

1. A CD! But… the Berlusconi Love Songs album???

2. A Venus Fly Trap is not a substitute for roses!

3. Anti-ageing cream??

4. A saucepan? Yes, I love it, because if I raise it like this…

5. I don’t care if you’ve lined up the mushrooms in the shape of a heart, it’s still a pizza!!!

The perfect place for lips to meet

Kisses, and especially first ones, are not always successful. Closing your eyes and leaning forward to touch lips, only to discover that your partner has turned their head, can be extremely embarrassing, particularly if your nose ends up in their left ear. “Sorry” or “whoops” just don’t seem enough to cover the failure.

Top ten crisis Valentine’s presents

1. An empty box of matches. Why empty? Because your flame for your beloved will never stop burning.

2. An old spoon―to signify that your loved one feeds your desires.

3. A pen that doesn’t work―because no written words can truly express your love.

4. A non-biodegradable plastic bag―to illustrate that your love will last forever.

Ladies, love, and laments

Love! The word that makes or breaks our hearts. Many of us wouldn’t balk at the idea of finding romance in Spain, especially considering how attractive even the “average-looking” Spaniards are. Nowadays, it’s not unusual to jet off to foreign shores for work, travel or study, but during the 1960s and 70s travelling abroad was far more adventurous.