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Madrid City in English
Tuesday 20th of November 2018

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Take Five - January 2013

Les Misérables The King’s Speech director Tom Hooper adapts the classic West End musical based on French writer Victor Hugo’s doorstop of a novel.

Rachel Zeffira

Canadian soprano and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira is better known as half of Cat’s Eyes, her project with Horrors’ front man Faris Badwan. But while the duo’s début album, Congratulations, was deeply indebted to 60s girl-groups, Zeffira’s first solo effort, The Deserters, is a different affair: introspective and ethereal, melancholy yet strangely soothing.


Allah-Las are a Californian four-piece on a mission to revisit and accurately recreate the sound of 60s West Coast psychedelia, who have succeeded in creating a homage to Love, The Byrds and other pioneers of twelve-string jangly blues pop with their début self-titled disc. It begs the question: what’s the point?

Snow White Must Die

Snow White Must Die is a murder mystery that proves to be anything but a fairytale. The story takes place in a seemingly quiet and posh small town in modern-day Germany, where the residents will do anything to keep outsiders from knowing the truth about a dark event that occurred in its recent past.

Telegraph Avenue

Chabon’s writing style is notoriously dense, but in this thrilling, coming-of-age in changing times story, he has outdone himself. The novel chronicles two friends, Archy and Nat, who run a record store in a period of flux in Oakland, California, where racial tension still exists from the decades of the civil rights movement, including Black Panther activity that was influential in that area.

Take Five - February 2013

Django Unchained (Django desencadenado) Riffing off his beloved spaghetti westerns, Quentin Tarantino returns with this characteristically violent story of freed slave Jamie Foxx rescuing his wife from psychotic plantation owner Leonardo DiCaprio with the aid of German gunslinger Christoph Waltz. Samuel L Jackson plays DiCaprio’s loyal house slave.

Spring Breakers

It’s a mass of drunken Americans raging hard on the beach—queue shots of teeny girls in bright bikinis. Under a rain of Natty Light, the crowd’s hips thrust to the techno beats of Shrillex. Guys crudely grab their crotches, girls suggestively suck on popsicles, and all middle fingers are stuck at full mast. There’s not an inch of sand that isn’t packed with topless bodies and beer bongs.

Phoenix - Bankrupt!

Even though the French-based electronic rock band Phoenix have been around since 2000, it wasn’t until nine years later with their fourth release, Wolfang Amadeus Phoenix, that they rose to fame.

Million Dollar Crocodile

China’s first monster movie has finally hit the Spanish big screen, with the premiere at the Nocturna Film Festival on 6 June of Million Dollar Crocodile (or Croczilla), a thriller/comedy film about—you guessed it—a massive crocodile. The story is kitschy, the special effects aren’t bad, and the subtitles make it all worthwhile.