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Madrid City in English
Sunday 9th of December 2018

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Write on!

“Had the BBC TV bosses not taken the music show off the air, who knows what could have happened!” smiles Tony Norman, casting his mind back to 1966.

The album and the volume

Cecilia Bartoli’s latest work, Mission, is an album of almost entirely world premiere recordings taken from the original manuscripts of the little-known Baroque composer Agostino Steffan

Universal success

Having sold more than 22 million albums, Alejandro Sanz is one of the few Spanish singers who has enjoyed great success at an international level.

The rhythm and the referendum

“Rock the Vote” originated in 1992 as an effort to engage young American voters through the use of music, pop-culture, and more recently, social networking.

Ticking all the right boxes

Lawson are literally the new kids on the block. The four-piece band consists of lead singer and acoustic guitarist Andy Brown (from Liverpool), bass player Ryan Fletcher (Chesterfield), guitarist Joel Peat (Mansfield) and drummer Adam Pitts (Brighton).

Rachel Zeffira

Canadian soprano and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira is better known as half of Cat’s Eyes, her project with Horrors’ front man Faris Badwan. But while the duo’s début album, Congratulations, was deeply indebted to 60s girl-groups, Zeffira’s first solo effort, The Deserters, is a different affair: introspective and ethereal, melancholy yet strangely soothing.


Allah-Las are a Californian four-piece on a mission to revisit and accurately recreate the sound of 60s West Coast psychedelia, who have succeeded in creating a homage to Love, The Byrds and other pioneers of twelve-string jangly blues pop with their début self-titled disc. It begs the question: what’s the point?

Patrick Wolf

If you are not already a member of The Wolfpack (Wolf’s very aptly named and very loyal fanbase), you might want to know a few things about him before heading down to the gig and perhaps deciding to join. South Londoner Patrick Wolf started experimenting with music from a very early age.

The Hackensaw Boys

Formed in 1999, the Hackensaw Boys are a six-piece string band who are based in central Virginia. They bring their old-time sound to Madrid in a bid to start the year with a rowdy and energetic bang and if you listen to their output, you will probably agree that they are likely to succeed.

Isaac Peces@Café Detroit

Dance in the New Year to a showdown of rare groove and electro swing with A Coruña-born Isaac Peces.

Gatuperio Viking Fest@Sala Arena

Time to fish your horned helmet out of the cupboard for the first Gatuperio Viking Festival, dedicated to heavy Viking metal, but with a hint of Celtic and folk too. Five bands will be taking the stage, with the Celtic and Viking fusion of Mörrighan kicking off proceedings at 5.30pm, followed by Celtibeerian an hour later.

Success is instrumental

He has been hailed as the Spanish Mike Oldfield, a considerable comparison for 28-year-old Vitoria-born guitarist Daniel Minimalia, who released his first studio album Cuentos sonoros last autumn. He will be performing in Madrid on 29 January at Sala Clamores, but how does he feel about his music being identified with such a famous English musician?

Matthew E White

Matthew E White sports a sharp, white suit on the cover of his début album, but it’s the beard and mane combo that’s the bigger clue to its laid back, seventies sound.

The Comets’ tale

Inspiration for songs from the Madrid-based group, Autumn Comets, comes from unusual sources: whilst they include their favourite bands, they also mention nightmares about snakes and even a drunk woman at a concert.

Youth Lagoon - Wondrous Bughouse

How much insight and perspective on the world would one expect from a 23 year old from Idaho? If the sophomore album by Boise-based Youth Lagoon—the stage name for the prodigical Trevor Powers—is any indication, the answer is quite a lot. Since 2010, Powers has been making dreamy psychedelic music through which he explores themes well beyond his years.

Rhye - Woman

The debut album from Los Angeles-based soul/pop group Rhye has been shrouded in mystery since a single track first appeared anonymously on the internet several months ago. The song, “Open”, featured a captivatingly sensual voice that many believed belonged to a woman.

Whole lotta rock

The atmosphere is electric and the sense of anticipation emanating from the crowd is contagious. A drummer and guitarist, both dressed casually in the unofficial rock uniform of denim and t-shirts, enter the stage at Sala Boite, followed a minute later by a dapper-looking man in a suit and tie, complete with waistcoat—the band’s lead singer Mat Van Kriedt.

Just the write beat

More than 300 guests have flocked to Madrid’s Teatro Calderón near Puerta del Sol to listen to the stories, reflections, and thoughts of four of the best known and most influential communicators in the Spanish music business. The atmosphere in the Teatro is both professional and cordial.

Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City

When A-punk first surfaced on the internet five years ago, its high-energy summery guitar riff, contrasting flute and African-inspired rhythms brought the indie world’s attention to the New York-based quartet Vampire Weekend.

Phoenix - Bankrupt!

Even though the French-based electronic rock band Phoenix have been around since 2000, it wasn’t until nine years later with their fourth release, Wolfang Amadeus Phoenix, that they rose to fame.

Lori Meyers: Making their mark

A showcase of the very best local, national and international music talent returns to Madrid’s Matadero on 21-22 June as part of the annual Día de la Música Festival. This year, the lineup includes a number of singer-songwriters, DJs and bands who have seen a massive rise in popularity in recent years largely thanks to their growing fan base and online following.