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Madrid City in English
Wednesday 21st of November 2018

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The colourful memories of Doris White

Every one of the thousands of people who pass each other in Madrid has a story to tell, but we usually pay little attention to those around us. The trend seems to be to avoid eye contact or bury our head in our digital gadgets. Just occasionally, however, by a chance comment or remark, one’s curiosity can be aroused and satisfied.

Madrid Carnival Night captured on camera

Check out our facebook page for a great photo album of the official Madrid Carnival Parade, plus a second of the general public dressed to impress – Iron Man, Thor, Gandalf and others! See

Or search under “InMadrid Your city in English”.

Madrid to Las Vegas direct!

A curious press conference recently “took off” at the Teatro Caser Calderón, writes Andrea Garcia, with five Spanish film/tv stars looking to earn their wings by launching details of new flights direct from Madrid to the USA’s casino and entertainment capital.