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Madrid City in English
Wednesday 12th of December 2018

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Curiosity Shop: Álvarez Gómez

At the end of the 19th century, Álvarez Gómez opened its doors in the heart of Madrid for the provision of fine perfumes, make-up, and beauty treatments. Some of its scents and fragrances were handmade on the shop premises from fresh flowers.

Curiosity Shop: Menkes

Menkes was inaugurated in Madrid in 1950, initially as a modest establishment that only sold typical regional costumes from all around Spain, including of course the famous flamenco dresses. Since then, it has become one of the most famous fancy dress shops in the city and was visited by Hollywood stars such as Vivien Leigh and Ava Gardner during the fifties.

Curiosity Shop: Filatelia Gálvez

Any resident or visitor to Madrid should go, at least once, to the Coin and Stamp Collector’s Market, which takes place every Sunday morning in the beautiful Plaza Mayor. It’s one of the most historic markets in the city—the stalls and crowds fill the space under the arches of the Plaza, everyone looking for that tiny hidden treasure or just enjoying the atmosphere.

Casa Hernanz

Spring, perhaps the most beautiful season to enjoy Madrid, is finally here! With the arrival of the wonderful, warm weather, it’s a perfect time to fish out of your cupboard, or make a purchase of, alpargatas (espadrilles). These traditional shoes have a sole made from rope, created to be flexible, and a top made from canvas or cotton.

Guitarras Ramírez

Whether you are an aficionado of Spanish guitars or not, the historic Guitarras Ramírez shop is certainly worth checking out. It was founded in 1882 by the madrileño José Ramírez, who used to make and repair string instruments. He started his career at the Rastro, but then took the step of opening a shop, which is now run by the fifth generation of the Ramírez family.