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Madrid City in English
Wednesday 21st of November 2018

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Back to life

In 2009, when I first landed in Madrid, some friends and I spent time looking over the InMadrid listings, marking exhibitions and events that looked appealing. Our scribbles led us south, to an area not yet sketched onto my mental map of the city.

The challenge of a change reaction

When you take a chance on the pier of life and jump into the unknown of a strange tierra for study, work, or to learn another language and feel inspired, you are bound to experience a life-changing journey. The usual subjects for concern include the food and customs, but there are also four lesser-known emotional stages to the process of adjustment.

A touchy subject

In many English-speaking countries, a kiss on the cheek is reserved for that special someone—perhaps a boyfriend or girlfriend, or in a worst case scenario, Great Aunt Bertha. Patting someone on the back requires a certain level of familiarity too, and rubbing a stranger’s arm might even indicate sexual interest.