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Madrid City in English
Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

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James Blake

Londoner James Blake began his final year studying popular music while recording songs in his bedroom. He released his debut 12” Air and Lack Thereof in July, 2009.

Lana Del Rey

Born in New York, Lizzy Grant, better known as Lana Del Rey, has made quite a stir as a musician, fashionista and celebrity.

Manu Chao

Born in Spain to a Basque mum and Galician dad, Manu Chao and his family moved to Paris when he was still a baby.

Top ten: streets of honour

1. Calle Tintin y Milu—near Alameda de Osuna Metro, Madrid has a street dedicated to cartoon heroes Tintin and Snowy! We await a similar honour for Captain Haddock or the Thomson twins.

Casa Hernanz

Spring, perhaps the most beautiful season to enjoy Madrid, is finally here! With the arrival of the wonderful, warm weather, it’s a perfect time to fish out of your cupboard, or make a purchase of, alpargatas (espadrilles). These traditional shoes have a sole made from rope, created to be flexible, and a top made from canvas or cotton.

The Memory of Love

Linda Olsson’s latest novel reads somewhat like a fictional memoir. We meet our narrator and main character, Marion Flint, in her early fifties after spending her last fifteen years in a secluded beachfront home on the quiet coast of New Zealand.

The Suitors

When Laure and Marie discover that their parents are planning to sell their beloved summer retreat, L’Agapanthe, the two sisters decide that they must find a way to save it. They invite a series of rich suitors each weekend, hoping to entice one into marriage, who would then be able to buy the property.

Tyler the Creator - Wolf

Whatever you think of Tyler the Creator, the leader and co-founder of the LA-based rap collective Odd Future, there is no denying his unusual path to success, which started with a pair of viral YouTube videos in 2011.

James Blake - Overgrown

James Blake is known for making electronic music, but in stark contrast to the high-energy, high-intensity, repetitive dupstep that has recently become so popular. He prefers the sparse and slow moving, often with a somewhat arrhythmic house beat and his own soulful voice.

A touchy subject

In many English-speaking countries, a kiss on the cheek is reserved for that special someone—perhaps a boyfriend or girlfriend, or in a worst case scenario, Great Aunt Bertha. Patting someone on the back requires a certain level of familiarity too, and rubbing a stranger’s arm might even indicate sexual interest.

Performing with pride

Walt Disney’s The Lion King is renowned for being theatre at its most spectacular. Whether an audience is enjoying a production in New York, Tokyo or London, it can carry them to the plains of Africa through its innovative, inspiring set and costume designs, and drawing on the continent’s wonderful rhythms.

Dalí. Todas las sugestiones poéticas y todas las posibilidades plásticas

This major retrospective of Salvador Dalí, one of the 20th century’s most influential artists, will include more than 200 of his works.

La belleza encerrada. De Fra Angelico a Fortuny

Hidden Beauty, from Fra Angelico to Fortuny features more than 250 small-scale works and spans more than six centuries of artistic expression, selected from a massive survey of the Museo del Prado’s c

Bernardí Roig. El coleccionista de obsesiones

Seventeen works by Bernardí Roig are presented at the Museo Lazaro Galdiano, including drawings, sculpture and a film recorded especially for this occasion.

Grandes maestros del arte popular de Iberoamérica

This exhibition of Latin American folk art features 450 artists from more than 22 countries, displaying in excess of 1,600 works.

Habitantes del Insomnio

This exhibition presents the work of Mexican self-taught artist Eduardo Rubio, bringing together around 40 examples of his drawings and paintings.

Russian Classical Ballet

The Russian Classical Ballet takes to the stage in Madrid from 8 May to perform three renowned classical works: El lago de los cisnes (Swan Lake, 8-19 May), Giselle (22-26 May) and La bella durmiente

Los animales y los niños tomaron las calles

Live music, performances and storytelling come together in Los animales y los niños tomaron las calles (The Animals and Children Took to the Streets).

Just the write beat

More than 300 guests have flocked to Madrid’s Teatro Calderón near Puerta del Sol to listen to the stories, reflections, and thoughts of four of the best known and most influential communicators in the Spanish music business. The atmosphere in the Teatro is both professional and cordial.

El Festival de Otoño a Primavera

This year marks the 30th anniversary of El Festival de Otoño a Primavera and to commemorate the Festival has extended its season, which has been running since February.

Feria de San Isidro

The whole of the Comunidad de Madrid goes into party mode during this holiday, named after the patron saint of the city, San Isidro.

100x100 Mascota

Are you a pet lover? If so, then this large fair in celebration of dogs, cats and many other little furry friends could be purr-fect for you.

Mutua Madrid Open Tennis

The12th annual Mutua Madrid Open Tennis tournament will be held at the incomparable Caja Magica for the fifth consecutive year.

Eurovision Song Contest

Europe’s favourite TV show is back, with all eyes on the contestants from 39 different countries competing for the title at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Casa Décor

If you love design and architecture, look no further than Casa Décor, the largest exhibition of interior design and architecture in Europe.


Fans of Spanish hip hop, rap and reggae await the annual BOAFEST with eager ears.

Documenta Madrid 13

Madrid’s 10th International Festival of Documentaries takes place this month under new leadership and with a completely different focus.

Mad Open Mic

The 10th Mad Open Mic: Captured Words will be held at a new location—Libreria Fuentetaja, Calle San Bernardo, 35.

The Culture of Tattooing

For thousands of years, man has felt the need to decorate his body; whether for artistic, social or religious reasons.

Semana del Cortometraje

Madrid’s 15th Semana del Cortometraje (Short Film Week) includes more than 120 short films presented in different spaces throughout the comunidad.

Comedy without borders

Your palms are sweating. In front of you is a sea of eager faces waiting patiently for you to bring a smile to their lips. You know every word and pause of your routine, but your monologue is not in your native language.