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Madrid City in English
Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Everything tagged with 1301

Rachel Zeffira

Canadian soprano and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira is better known as half of Cat’s Eyes, her project with Horrors’ front man Faris Badwan. But while the duo’s début album, Congratulations, was deeply indebted to 60s girl-groups, Zeffira’s first solo effort, The Deserters, is a different affair: introspective and ethereal, melancholy yet strangely soothing.


Allah-Las are a Californian four-piece on a mission to revisit and accurately recreate the sound of 60s West Coast psychedelia, who have succeeded in creating a homage to Love, The Byrds and other pioneers of twelve-string jangly blues pop with their début self-titled disc. It begs the question: what’s the point?

Snow White Must Die

Snow White Must Die is a murder mystery that proves to be anything but a fairytale. The story takes place in a seemingly quiet and posh small town in modern-day Germany, where the residents will do anything to keep outsiders from knowing the truth about a dark event that occurred in its recent past.

Telegraph Avenue

Chabon’s writing style is notoriously dense, but in this thrilling, coming-of-age in changing times story, he has outdone himself. The novel chronicles two friends, Archy and Nat, who run a record store in a period of flux in Oakland, California, where racial tension still exists from the decades of the civil rights movement, including Black Panther activity that was influential in that area.

Patrick Wolf

If you are not already a member of The Wolfpack (Wolf’s very aptly named and very loyal fanbase), you might want to know a few things about him before heading down to the gig and perhaps deciding to join. South Londoner Patrick Wolf started experimenting with music from a very early age.

The Hackensaw Boys

Formed in 1999, the Hackensaw Boys are a six-piece string band who are based in central Virginia. They bring their old-time sound to Madrid in a bid to start the year with a rowdy and energetic bang and if you listen to their output, you will probably agree that they are likely to succeed.

Isaac Peces@Café Detroit

Dance in the New Year to a showdown of rare groove and electro swing with A Coruña-born Isaac Peces.

Gatuperio Viking Fest@Sala Arena

Time to fish your horned helmet out of the cupboard for the first Gatuperio Viking Festival, dedicated to heavy Viking metal, but with a hint of Celtic and folk too. Five bands will be taking the stage, with the Celtic and Viking fusion of Mörrighan kicking off proceedings at 5.30pm, followed by Celtibeerian an hour later.

El Legado Casa de Alba. Mecenazgo al servicio del Arte

With a large part of this collection being presented to the public for the first time, El Legado Casa de Alba: Mecenazgo al servicio del Arte (The Legacy of the House of Alba: Patronage in the Service

<miradas cruzadas>4

The fourth part of the miradas cruzadas (Exchanging Gazes) series, organised to celebrate the museum’s 20th anniversary, looks at the relationship between two great artists—Lucian Freud (1922-2011) an

Fotógrafos. La voluntad de contra

Photograher Enrique Cano pays homage to the work of Spanish photojournalists during the last 40 years, with the exhibition Fotógrafos, La voluntad de contar (Photographers:The will to tell).

Cartografías contemporáneas. Dibujando el pensamiento

Where would we be without maps? “Lost” is perhaps the obvious answer, but Cartografías contemporáneas.

El lago de los cisnes

The Imperial Russian Ballet continues in Madrid this month with its production of El lago de los cisnes (Swan Lake).

The Perfect American

Madrid’s Teatro Real will host the world premiere of this new work by Philip Glass, inspired by the titular book by Peter Stephan Jungk, based on the life of none other than Walt Disney.

Back to life

In 2009, when I first landed in Madrid, some friends and I spent time looking over the InMadrid listings, marking exhibitions and events that looked appealing. Our scribbles led us south, to an area not yet sketched onto my mental map of the city.

Happy new beer

Microbreweries are few and far between in Spain, and the community of Madrid is lucky enough to have one close at hand. La Virgen Cerveza Pura, a ‘pure, living, and fresh beer’, is being lovingly created in Las Rozas, just a short trip from the centre of the city.

Success is instrumental

He has been hailed as the Spanish Mike Oldfield, a considerable comparison for 28-year-old Vitoria-born guitarist Daniel Minimalia, who released his first studio album Cuentos sonoros last autumn. He will be performing in Madrid on 29 January at Sala Clamores, but how does he feel about his music being identified with such a famous English musician?

Playing on the mind

The opening scene of How to Be a Good Wife takes place in a pretty, clean kitchen which, like the house itself, seems so ordinary, so sanitised. It is only from the point of view of Marta, a wife and mother, that we start seeing that something may not only be imperfect, but deeply and utterly wrong in this home. What, however, is wrong?