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Madrid City in English
Tuesday 20th of November 2018

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Madrid Jazz Festival

The 29th Madrid Jazz Festival brings music from more than ten countries to the city, with 46 concerts from famous jazz names like Patti Smith, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Paquito D’Rivera, Incógnito, Martirio

Teatro Valle-Inclán: Una Mirada del Mundo

The Centro Dramático Nacional, Spain’s equivalent of the UK’s National Theatre, finishes its programme Una mirada del mundo (A Look at the World) this month by presenting three further plays.

The British Ladies Association Annual Charity Bazaar

The British Ladies Association’s Annual Charity Bazaar will be held on Sunday, 25 Nov, and will include stalls selling nearly new clothes, Christmas food and cards, handicrafts, plus an enormous selec

American Women’s Club Holiday Bazaar

If you would like to experience an American tradition, or are pining for a taste of the States, don’t miss the AWC Holiday Bazaar.


Thirty-five years of searching and collecting have culminated in IFEMA’s Feriarte, a fair of the most exclusive and prestigious art and antiques from an international panorama.

JaJaHa! - Comedy in English

The JaJaHa! English comedy group continue their monthly stand up and improv show on the 15 and 30 November, starting at 9pm.

Madrid en Danza

The Comunidad de Madrid presents the 27th edition of the annual international dance festival, Madrid en Danza this month.

5th festival de cine italiano de Madrid

Seeing the world through other European camera lenses once again becomes possible as the 5th festival de cine italiano de Madrid (5th Festival of Italian Film) returns to the city.

Campaña por la lana

The international Campaña por la lana (Campaign for Wool), an initiative to share with the public the environmental benefits of using wool, will come to Madrid’s Salamanca neighbourhood this month, wi

XII Semana de la ciencia

The 12th edition of Madrid’s science week takes place this month. In numbers, there will be more than 400 participating institutions and 2,000 scientists involved in 900 free activities.

Kids Fun Ideas

Paloma Irving and Carmen Torán were pioneers of English events for children in Madrid, and in September they opened a new hub of Kids Fun Ideas at the Castellana Sports Club in Chamartin station.


The craziest cinema in history defines CINEMAD’s XIX Independent and Cult Film Festival.

Top ten titles and authors that spell out Madrid

1. A Trendy Barrio by Mal O’Sanyer

2. Arrivals and Departures by Barack Assair-Port

3. Madrid’s Famous Celebration Point by Sybil S Statchew

4. How to Protest by Manny Festation

5. Drinking and Partying in Madrid by Lala Tina Barrs

6. Madrid’s Famous Plazas by Solly Mayor

7. Driving Around Madrid by Emma Trenter

Curiosity Shop: Casa Postal

Opened almost 30 years ago and located just a short distance from Chueca Metro station, this shop is one of the most emblematic and curious shops in the Chueca neighbourhood. The establishment sells (and buys!) secondhand postcards, both for collectors or people looking for an unusual reminder of Madrid.

English for Independence

''We’re the same as you, we just need support and your understanding of our situation” is how Elena Jiménez Martín, Director of Projects and Communication, defines the message of the people being helped by ADISLI.

For the love of Goth!

Having identified a problem not only in Madrid, but in Spain, Marjorie Eljach decided to rectify it.

All roads lead to La Romana

Expatriates have a choice: they can stick with their own kind or mingle with the locals. The majority opt for the former, but in La Romana, a small village in the Comunidad Valenciana, Alan Cook’s pioneering spirit of assimilation is contributing greatly to the community.

A Hologram for the King

Like the arid landscapes of Saudi Arabia that it describes, A Hologram for the King starts quietly, describing mild and defeated Alan Clay as he begins a stay in Jeddah while waiting to make a sales presentation that could either break him entirely or get him back on his feet financially.

Into the Abyss

In 1984, a small commuter plane carrying ten people took off in worryingly bad weather for remote communities in northern Canada. The plane crashed in thick, almost inaccessible, forest, and six of the ten passengers lost their lives.

Bat For Lashes

With two Mercury-nominated albums already under her belt, Natasha Khan, aka Bat for Lashes, has yet to deliver a dud. And the stakes for her latest, The Haunted Man, were raised even higher following the summer release of single “Laura”, a stripped-back piano ballad with an emotion-packed chorus ideal for those ‘let’s get serious now’ moments at gigs.

Tame Impala

Living in Perth, Australia, suits Kevin Parker and his retro-futuristic neo-psychedelic outfit, Tame Impala. The city is ranked as the most remote in the world—the next metropolis is 2000km away—and new album Lonerism (appropriately titled) comes from some equally far out place, or at least far out in the mind.

30 Days + 50,000 words = National novel-writing month

Every November, groups of people start forming in coffee shops and quiet bars around the world. They may look like any normal coffee-shop aficionados, with their steaming mugs and laptops open, but they also have something extra—manuscripts, notebooks of plots and characters, and extended times of furious typing.

Ticking all the right boxes

Lawson are literally the new kids on the block. The four-piece band consists of lead singer and acoustic guitarist Andy Brown (from Liverpool), bass player Ryan Fletcher (Chesterfield), guitarist Joel Peat (Mansfield) and drummer Adam Pitts (Brighton).

Mixed feelings

When embarking on a life in a new country, it’s inevitable that some things will differ from our creature comforts—the weather, food, traditions. It’s also likely that, with the opposite sex appearing far more exotic and attractive than in your homeland, wonderful romantic relationships will take place.

The Black Keys

Grammy award-winning American duo The Black Keys have experimented with bits of rap, pop and garage rock since they got together in 2001. But what they play loudest and best during concerts is stripped-down blues.

Juliana Barwick@La Casa Encendida

Julianna Barwick is something of an enigma. Her music is built around multiple loops, and layers of her voice and she begins many of her tracks with a single phrase or refrain, before using a loop station and the occasional piano or percussive instrument to build the song into a swirling mass of lush, ambient folk.

El Arte de Cartier

Diamonds are for everyone this month at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, thanks to the historic Cartier Collection. The legendary French jewellers have loaned the museum more than 400 of their pieces, from the origin of the company in 1847 to date, to allow a glimpse of the range and evolution of Cartier’s most beautiful and iconic styles.

Museo del Prado: El joven Van Dyck

Spain’s first exhibition of the work of Flemish artist Sir Anthony van Dyck, and one of the largest devoted to him in the world, comes to the Prado. Focusing on the first eight years of his career (1613-21), which began when he was only fourteen years old, the quality and quantity of the works greatly impress.

Centro de Arte Reina Sofia: María Blanchard

A celebration of the work of María Blanchard, a talented avant-garde Spanish artist of the early 20th century, whose physical ailments kept her confined to a wheelchair for the entirety of her life, although the disability neither stopped her from travelling nor from painting.

Imogen Cunningham

Highlighting the work of American photographer Imogen Cunningham, this collection unites various photographs, many not previously available to the public, that focus on her important themes such as portraits, urban architecture, the human body (especially in dance), and landscapes.

Mitografías. Mitos en la Intimidad

Diving into photography from a thematic rather than photographer-specific angle, this exhibition exposes intimacy between people who are friends, family or total strangers. The photographs speak volumes about the relationships they are documenting, including famous ones like Churchill and Gandhi, Einstein and Curie, Picasso and Dali, and Chaplin and Callas.

The Good Doctor

The classic black humour and tragic human character of Anton Chekhov’s short stories come to life in Neil Simon’s The Good Doctor.

Spirit of the Dance

The world-famous Irish dance show Spirit of the Dance has made its way to Madrid this month, and features ensemble pieces with bright costumes and varied dance styles—not only in the style of “Riverda

The Beasty Bunch: Bo´s Lucky Day

In search of a weekend activity for young kids? The Face2Face Theatre Co will be presenting Bo’s Lucky Day every Sunday until the 25 November.