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Madrid City in English
Monday 19th of November 2018

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A fight to remember?

The culture of a country can be shaped by its people, food, weather and lifestyle, but when thinking of Spain, bullfighting is perhaps the most iconic image that springs to mind.

Beaux Belles: retratos de familia

Italian-born artist Judith Lange is known for her unique representations of man and beast, and in Beaux Belles: retratos de familia (Family Portraits) she re-examines ideas of beauty, normality and

La isla del tesoro: Arte británico de Holbein a Hockney

To examine the question of the identity of British art during the past five centuries is no short order, but this exhibition seeks an answer by focusing on where, instead of what, Britain was and i

El universo de la moda Jean Paul Gaultier. De la calle a las estrellas

Don’t be alarmed if the mannequins at this exhibition start talking to you—they are being used to display the work of iconic and controversial French designer Jean Paul Gaultier in a tour which comes

The Art of Hard Rock

An exhibition of 40 original works of art by rock stars such as John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Elton John, with Joaquín Sabina representing Spain, comes to Madrid’s Hard

Teatro Valle-Inclán: Una mirada del mundo

Shakespeare (including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear, Macbeth and As You Like It), and tells of a journey, in three stages, through paradise, purgatory and hell, drawing a parallel with Dante’s

International Short Film Festival at La Boca del Lobo

The 15th annual festival internacional de cortometrajes will take place at cultural centre (and bar) La Boca del Lobo.

Top ten ways to make the most of your Halloween fancy dress

1. Quasimodo—choose the most exclusive fashion store you can find, enter confidently, and ask if they have any garments that de-emphasise the shoulder area.

David Byrne and St Vincent

A case of too many cooks or the perfect match? Tongues wagged when word came out about Talking Heads front man David Byrne’s collaboration with avant-indie maverick Annie Clark (aka St Vincent

The xx

As an album title, Coexist came from the observation that when oil and water are mixed, the colours created are beautiful yet they remain separate entities.

Bon Iver (Gig of the Month)

Justin Vernon is the heart of Bon Iver, and Bon Iver are a pretty great band that produce very beautiful, mature music combining elements of folk and unusual orchestral touches.

Universal success

Having sold more than 22 million albums, Alejandro Sanz is one of the few Spanish singers who has enjoyed great success at an international level.

Grannies Know Best

Rita Pitka Blumenstein is no ordinary grandmother; hailing from Alaska, she dresses in bright colours and wears a mischievous grin, as if everything is a joke that she is all set to laugh at.

Gauguin y el viaje a lo exótico

What didn’t Paul Gauguin do?

Encuentros con los años 30

This new exhibition focuses on the trailblazing actions and attitudes of artists in the 1930s who insisted on producing works in spite of the political and economic turmoil seen nearly everywhere in E

El paisajista Martín Rico (1833-1908)

As part of the Prado’s objective to highlight nineteenth century Spanish painters, the end of this month sees a monographic exhibition of landscape pieces by Madrid-born artist Martín Rico.

Forever King of Pop

Moon-walking its way into Madrid this month is Forever King of Pop, the only Michael Jackson homage show endorsed by the Jackson family itself.

The Hole (El Agujero)

Back in Madrid for its second season, The Hole returns with its intriguing mixture of cabaret, burlesque, circus, music and humour.

Six of the best

It’s a dilemma many of us face: we love to act as an all-knowing guide for Madrid, but there are issues—your Spanish is so-so, your sense of direction is more of a sense of adventure, or maybe your

The rhythm and the referendum

“Rock the Vote” originated in 1992 as an effort to engage young American voters through the use of music, pop-culture, and more recently, social networking.