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Madrid City in English
Sunday 9th of December 2018

Everything tagged with 1208

Tal como somos. Indentidades cotidianas.

Madrid is a mecca for people-watching, and photographers Luis Baylón and Ricardo Cases have turned this activity into an art form. Tal como somos. Indentidades cotidianas (Just As We Are.

James Coleman

James Coleman Perception, representation, memory and identity are the foundations of James Coleman’s work.

Murillo and Justino de Neve. El arte de amistad

This exhibition looks to highlight some of Murillo’s late work, when he was supported by a canon of Seville catedral, Justino de Neve (1625-1685), as a patron and friend.

A la luz de la seda

An exhibition of Moorish weaving, A la luz de la seda (In the Light of the Silk) shows fabrics made during and reflecting the period of muslim culture in southern Spain.

Sombras de una Intersección

Describing his work as “signs of a stage of existence”, artist Renato Costa has chosen a selection of his paintings from the last few years for Sombras de una intersección (Shadows of an I

Soap—The Show

After success at the Riverside studios in London and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Soap—The Show splish-splashes its way to Madrid.

Hendaya. Cuando Adolfo encontró a Paco

On 23 October, 1940, Hitler and Franco had a seven-hour meeting in Hendaye, situated on the Atlantic coast, on the French border with Spain.

Shirley Valentine

Following a two-season tour of Spain, which attracted more than 50,000 theatregoers, Shirley Valentine arrives in the capital.

Caprichos para violín y cuerpo

Violinist Ara Malikian brings his latest show, based on the 24 caprices of Italian composer Niccolo Paganini, to the stage of the Bellas Artes.

Man of the match

For many football fans it would be a dream job: to appear on TV, amidst a panel of experts, getting paid to talk about the beautiful game.

Cine de Verano

For the 13th consecutive year madrileños can while away the summer evenings at one of 38 open-air pop-up cinemas in the Community of Madrid.

Titirilandia 2012

Set in the oasis of the Retiro, this puppet theatre festival is a Madrid summer classic, and a must-do for children living in or just visiting the capital.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Get ready for Spring/Summer 2013 with this year’s second fashion week.

Hopper Cinema Season

To correspond with the Hopper exhibition at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, a season of films continues throughout August to illustrate the richness and complexity of the relationship between cinema

Write on!

“Had the BBC TV bosses not taken the music show off the air, who knows what could have happened!” smiles Tony Norman, casting his mind back to 1966.

Sahi in New York!

We’re sure we have some readers returning to or visiting New York City this month, in which case don’t miss the opportunity to catch madrileño artist Sahi’s participation in the exhibition Interpre

Fiesta Virgen de la Paloma, La Latina

One of the most traditional and lively of Madrid’s many fiestas, the countless activities, including music, dance, theatre and entertainment for children, are held mainly in Plaza de las Vistillas, Pl

Niskerone (Gig of the Month)

Hailing from the dusty streets of Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town, Niskerone’s lively and original style of mixing has entertained crowds at festivals and on dance floors all over the globe.

The Naked Heroes

The Naked Heroes’ music has been described as ‘hard, southern-styled rock played in a lo-fi, garage-punk mode’—quite impressive for a sound produced by happily married couple George Michael Jackson

The Hard-Ons

One of Australia’s most popular, long-lasting and rebellious punk bands, the Hard-Ons got together in 1981 and consisted of high school pals Peter Black, Brendan Creighton and Keish de Silva.

Chase & Status DJ Set@Sala Marco Aldany

Pharrell Williams of N*E*R*D hails them as “The most exciting producers in the UK today” and Rihanna considers them “the backbone” of her record “Rated R”, but this isn’t enough to quench the music

Elevating troubles

You know the sequence. You’ve stepped alone into a lift, and are about to enjoy a stress-free solo journey. The doors are closing, but a last-minute passenger leaps through the gap.

Just the ticket

Summer is here, so are your visitors, and they’re demanding that you show them the sights of the city. Great, except madrileño that you are, you’ve seen and done them all before.

Cured of the jamón lottery

If you walk into any Spanish supermarket you’re likely to be staggered by countless strings of sausages hanging overhead like holiday garlands or ubiquitous legs of jamón dangling from every conceivable space, let alone the ones being thinly sliced on jamoneros by expert butchers. They’re quintessential images and yet the selection can be overwhelming.