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Madrid City in English
Sunday 18th of November 2018

Everything tagged with 1207

Veranos de la Villa

Plenty of time remains to enjoy Veranos de la Villa, with activities taking place throughout August.

Veranos del Museo

The Museo Nacional de Antropología is holding music nights every Thursday throughout the summer, providing the chance to experience some great rhythms of the world.

Clásicos en Verano

This year is the 25th edition of Clásicos en Verano, which brings more than 80 classical music concerts to the Comunidad de Madrid.

Balenciaga and Versace at the Museo del Traje

The Museo del Traje offers two exhibitions this month.

Festival de Verano de la Sierra Madrileña

Escape the city heat this month and head to El Escorial for this entertainment spectacular.

Fringe Festival

As part of the Veranos de la Villa celebrations, the Centro Cultural Conde Duque is holding Madrid’s first Fringe Festival, giving space to emerging artists in the fields of dance, theatre, circus,

La maleta mexicana

The story of the “maleta mexicana” (Mexican suitcase) is remarkable by itself.

<miradas cruzadas>2. Rostros y manos, pintura germánica, antigua y moderna

This second installment of the Thyssen’s <miradas cruzadas> (Exchanging Gazes) sets up a confrontation between two eras of art—the German Renaissance, and the Germanic Expressionism and New O

Otras Miradas

Six of artist Miguel Jacinto Meléndez’s portraits of Philip V’s family, drawn from the collection of the Biblioteca Nacional de España, are on display for the first time in Otras Miradas (Other Vie

La Edad de Oro de la Historieta Argentina: Homenaje a Alberto Romero

The so-called “golden age of comics” in Argentina comes to life in the Centro de Arte Moderno’s new exhibition of 1940’s-era drawings by Alberto Romero and others.

El mito trágico de Raquel Meller

Spanish sensation and vaudeville performer of the 1920s and 1930s, Raquel Meller, was an international star best known for her dramatic singing and storytelling style.

The Moscow City Ballet

The prestigious Moscow City Ballet will be in town for the whole of July, performing three much-loved classical ballets.


Luciano Ruiz’s independent dance company, El Ballet Flamenco de Madrid, is spending its seventh consecutive summer in the city, with its third performance of Carmen, Georges Bizet’s enchanting opera a