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Madrid City in English
Sunday 18th of November 2018

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First among storytellers

“My wife always says that villains are much more interesting than heroes,” Jeffrey Archer explains, “you can do terrible things with them whereas with good people you can’t.” He is, of course, t

This little tree-hugger went to market

The mecca for the food-kilometre-savvy crowd is Madrid’s Día de Mercado in Casa de Campo. The year-old market boasts tasty products only from the Comunidad de Madrid and is celebrated on the fir

The bank of giving and taking

It’s the end of the month, and you glance around your flat, grimly taking stock.

The lingo of Marlango

The 19th century terrace of  Café Gijón on Paseo de Recoletos is an idyllic setting as I sit down to chat with self-described “two-third guiri band” Marlango, comprising half British/half S

The Hairy-Faced Cheese Graters mature in Madrid

“It was important for us to create our own style,” explains Icky, his guitar resting on his lap. “First we tried amalgamating Ska and Punk, but that gave us Skunk.