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Madrid City in English
Monday 22nd of October 2018

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Burlesque heaven for The Evil, Evil Girrrls

Evil Eva, Satin Sandy and Lady Vamp: their names widen one’s eyes and strike a bell of excitement.

The Emerald Isle of Madrid

With the “Irish diaspora” spread across the world, Spain’s capital boasts its own spirited minority of Irish citizens studying, teaching English and learning the ways of late lunches and cañas.

Low on a high

It’s a cold, dreary day in Madrid but not nearly as cold as it must be in Duluth, Minnesota where guitarist Alan Sparhawk and percussionist Mimi Parker reside. The couple provides the vocal harm

A real rugby union

On 17 September 1921, a crowd of almost 30,000 Australians gathered in Sydney to watch a rugby game that would polarise the nation.