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Madrid City in English
Monday 22nd of October 2018

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Male Bonding

Male Bonding have been described as creating “noise pop” and “punk pop” but whatever sound you file them under they certainly know how to create energetic catchy rock and roll music that nods to the e


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Mastodon are a metal band that were formed at the end of the 90s.

A torero’s tale

“You don’t just want to become a bullfighter, you have to feel it. All bullfighters are born with this passion; they know it is their calling,” reflects Lalanda Sanchez.

Caught with his trousers down

Until 6 January in Spain most households are full of bright lights, intricately decorated trees and enough Christmas goodies to last an entire year, but amongst the sparkle and illuminations, yo

Perfect People

Sending chills down your spine with a supernatural twist all too close to reality, Peter James is at it again with his most recent novel, Perfect People.