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Madrid City in English
Sunday 9th of December 2018
Oxbridge TEFL Sponsored Training Course
Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 39
28004, Madrid
34 91 112 97 68
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10:00 - 13:00
About Oxbridge TEFL Sponsored Training Course

Oxbridge TEFL Sponsored Training Course

Oxbridge TEFL Sponsored Training Course


• 120 hour (up to 20 hours observations and real teaching practice) Intensive TEFL Training Course in Barcelona or Madrid

• Modular course design includes: Language Analysis, Lesson Planning, Teaching Skills, Teaching Proficiency and Practice.

• Special 499€ subsidised course price for all 4 modules after successful interview in Madrid or via Skype (1,250€ fullprice)

• Employment opportunities following graduation for some of the best students


The Oxbridge International TEFL Course prepares you to teach English all over the world. We train you to be the best teacher possible using an innovative and modern language teaching methodology.


All applicants for the TEFL course need to pass through the interview process and will then be able to be offered the sponsored price. We employ a large number of teachers in both Barcelona and Madrid, so we like to invest in training for our future employees.


For more info please visit


You can also reach us at: +34 902 500 100 or +34 91 112 97 68 (Madrid), e-mail: tefl [at] oxbridge [dot] es or Skype: oxbridgeenglish

Oxbridge TEFL Sponsored Training Course 

Oxbridge TEFL Sponsored Training Course
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