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Sunday 9th of December 2018
Eric Knowles 23rd of October 2012 by admin 23rd of October 2012
Photo (CC) flickr: quinet
Voodoo rituals on the rise in Madrid

According to a report in Madrid's free newspaper 20 minutos, people who use some of Madrid's best known parks (including Retiro, Madrid-Río and Casa de Campo) are noticing an increasing amount of left-overs from voodoo and other esoteric ceremonies. Municipal workers confirm that, especially on Mondays, they are encountering all sorts of strange ceremonial debris in the city's parks and gardens, such as a cooked cow's tongue nailed to a tree trunk and peppered with needles, or a headless chicken found tied up near a children's playground in Chamberí.
    The Policía Nacional confirm the increase in these practices and attribute them to African and Latin-American immigrants. "It's a common practice used by mafias", they say, "to frighten Senegalese, Nigerian and Brazilian prostitutes — many of whom believe in voodoo — into compliance".
    There are however other probable causes not linked with delinquency. Victoria Ayala, a member of the Orden de Ayala spiritualist organisation, says that while people used to use their services to find love, the crisis has led to an increased number of offerings and rituals with the aim of finding work. She also throws some light on the recent findings in Madrid's parks: The cow's tongue ritual is used to stop somebody spilling the beans. The headless chicken is a Cuban spell used to obtain something from a god.

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