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Monday 19th of November 2018
Richard Lewington 1301 4th of January 2013 by editor 4th of January 2013
Isaac Peces@Café Detroit

Dance in the New Year to a showdown of rare groove and electro swing with A Coruña-born Isaac Peces. A lover of disco, nu-jazz and afrobeat, “the fishes’” funk-fused dance sessions are filled with mashups of classic beats, guitar riffs and raw percussion sounds.  Belonging to the “” collective, Peces has earned support from the likes of DJs Makala, Dj Floro and Solo Moderna. His CV is not to be sniffed at either. Having participated in festivals such as Jazz VI Pontedeume and at a variety of fashion shows, Peces is also the resident DJ at A Coruñian clubs El Corralón, Velvet, Lautrec and Soweto. He has also played at venues across the country in cities such as Valencia, Jerez, Lugo and Oviedo, as well as spinning at London’s Cafe 1001 and Kathmandú, and Moe Club in Madrid. In 2012, Peces became responsible for Graham Club at Cachán in Compostela, where he leads the DJ and funk, soul and jazz performance programme.

C/Villanueva, 43 (Metro: Príncipe de Vergara). Thurs, 17 Jan, from 11pm. Free entry. See

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