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Vicky Knill 1302 31st of January 2013 by editor 31st of January 2013
Definitely not a rose
Top ten Valentine’s gift responses

Valentine’s Day is upon us and for many the question is “What can I get that will adequately express my love?”, or possibly “What the hell am I going to buy so that my partner won’t throw me out of the house?” Vicky Knill suggests that the following responses to your gift may result in a boot more than a hug:

1. A CD! But… the Berlusconi Love Songs album???

2. A Venus Fly Trap is not a substitute for roses!

3. Anti-ageing cream??

4. A saucepan? Yes, I love it, because if I raise it like this…

5. I don’t care if you’ve lined up the mushrooms in the shape of a heart, it’s still a pizza!!!

6. Why does the gift tag say “Sarah” when my name is “Susan”?

7. So you’re saying some of the chocolates are missing because you had to walk home from the shop?

8. What do you mean, it’s lingerie to make me look attractive occasionally?

9. Did you just say “It’s amazing what some people throw away”?

10. I know it was your mother’s ring, but I don’t need to see the exhumation certificate with it.

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