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Monday 19th of November 2018
3rd of December 2012 by admin 3rd of December 2012
Cosy interior at El Estragón
El Estragón

uses a well-earned lunch break to check out one of Madrid’s best-loved vegetarian restaurants

In a city where good vegetarian food is hard to find, La Latina classic El Estragón offers simple yet tasty fare for those not interested in eating anything that once breathed. My dining partner and I took time out from a busy working day to try its menu del día and we weren’t disappointed. The menu starts at a very reasonable 8, and rises to 12 depending on whether you choose just a starter and a main course, or alternatively go for the full shebang. (It almost goes without saying that we went for the latter!) A cold beetroot soup was the perfect starter for a warm September day, whilst my friend’s spinach and feta salad was so plentiful he almost didn’t have enough room for the next course. “Almost” proved to be the key word, as we proceeded to share a soybean gratin and vegetable pastel, both of which were excellent vegetarian variations on what are normally meat or fish based dishes. Some fine bread and a pleasant red wine helped There's a nice terrace during warmer months everything on its way. To finish, a fruit salad was more than refreshing, whilst my partner opted for a succulent cheese flan. The evening menu is more varied and a touch more expensive, although still great value for money. The restaurant itself is relaxed and charming, and with its tiled floors, checkered tablecloths and blue and white walls it has a definite Mediterranean vibe. Their outdoor terrace is large and nearly always full during the warmer months. If it wasn’t for the fact you can look out onto one of Madrid’s most vibrant plazas from your table, you could almost believe you were on holiday in some balmy Greek island and that work wasn’t beckoning again come the end of an all-too-short lunch break. I know from personal experience how hard it can be to satisfy vegetarian appetites in a city where the pig is king, and El Estragón has been duly bookmarked as the first stop for my non-meat eating visitors next time they drop by.

El Estragón, Plaza de la Paja, 10 (Metro: La Latina). Tel: 91 365 89 82. 1-4.30pm, 8pm-1am, Mon to Sun. See

Further information & Map: El Estragón

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