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Sunday 9th of December 2018
Tim Inkling 1102 24th of July 2012 by admin 3rd of September 2012
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Las Mil y Una Noches

A charming bar and restaurant-come-cultural-centre with belly dancing and great Middle Eastern food

Where? C/Martin de los Herros, 28 (Metro: Plaza de Espana) Tel: 91 559 57 85.

When? Every day, 1pm-1am.

What? A charming bar and restaurant that also acts as a sort of cultural centre, not least with belly dancing performances on Friday and Saturday nights at 10.30 and 11.30pm. In addition to the warm Middle Eastern hospitality and ambience, the biggest surprise is the size of the place. Despite a relatively small entrance on the street, the bar and restaurant stretch back considerably, and there’s enough room to accommodate big parties. With a large selection of food and drinks (see below), you could easily spend 1,001 nights here and still not experience all they have to offer.  

People? The clientele is varied, as you might expect for a bar situated near Plaza de España and the Princesa cinema complex. The young hit the place for the food and exoticism, lunchtimes and evenings can find businessmen, and it’s also popular for group nights out and family get-togethers, with a five-year-old keenly trying out belly dancing to the thrill of her parents on our last visit.

Food & Drinks? Starters average around €6, and include the popular Falaffel and Hummus, but there’s also Fattush, a somewhat unfortunately named healthy and delicious salad of fresh vegetables and herbs, or Chanclís, bread-coated cheese balls with thyme. For the main courses, think couscous and kefta, as well as lesser known Arabic delights, all around €13. Not only will you find the usual beers, wines and soft drinks, but there are more than 60 types of tea on offer. These range from your basic green or black, to rum, whisky, banana and mango. Wines start at €7.50 a bottle, and if you’re tempted for something a little unusual, there’s Egyptian or Lebanese beer priced at €3.

Anything Else? Beautiful shisha pipes are available, and don’t forget to ask about the Hookah Club and Poetry Circle.

Further information & Map: 1001 Noches

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