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Sunday 9th of December 2018
8th of August 2012 by admin 8th of August 2012
La Taberna Chica

Costanilla de San Pedro, 7 (Metro: La Latina). Tel: 91 364 53 48.

Mon-Sun, 8pm-2am.
A genuine cosy, cosmopolitan cocktail bar, La Taberna Chica is located just off the Plaza de San Andrés. The walls are adorned with pictures and quotes, and what the bar lacks in width it makes up for in length. The serving bar stretches back into its depths, and if you venture in far enough you might be fortunate to be stuck there all night. See the “drinks” section below for the reason behind “fortunate”.

Erasmus students, party groups, nights out, madrileños and city visitors. A real mixed crowd. Expect to bump into night owls from Montreal to Montevideo and Copenhagen to Cape Town.

Herein lies La Taberna Chica’s enviable strength. The carefully stacked glasses behind the bar will give you a clue, inside which sit mouth-watering fresh fruits—strawberries, oranges, kiwis, pineapple—ready to be clubbed and crushed with a little wooden truncheon by the bar staff. Once made into a pulp, neat spirit is added. Vodka, for example, to strawberries, or rum to the Chinese oranges. The result treads a fine line between being wonderfully healthy, naturally sweet, and excitingly dangerous. The bar boasts an affectionately crafted cocktail menu, offering more than just the now standard mojito or caipiroska. Of course, these crowd favourites can also be found on the carta, but the bartenders offer their own flourishes, twists and interpretations. The strawberry caipirinha is one such standout as well as the seemingly infamous aforementioned Chinese orange concoction. The drinks are prepared as they should be, with intricate and experienced techniques, using local and original ingredients (only authentic Brazilian cachaça, por supuesto!) Just to help with the enjoyment of the cocktails, there’s a cool catalogue of music, from funky to jazz to chillout. 

Anything else?
Three chicas from the north of Spain were out for the night with their madrileña friend when we visited. Esti decided to be spokeswoman, and was happy to give a verdict on the ron con naranjas de la china. “Super-ricas,” she grinned.

Further information & Map: Taberna Chica

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