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Madrid City in English
Wednesday 12th of December 2018
Camino Martinez 1304 1st of April 2013 by editor 1st of April 2013
Photo (CC) flickr: jurvetson
Curiosity Shop: Filatelia Gálvez

Located in Puerta del Sol, Filatelia Gálvez is at the heart of the city and also of madrileño stamp collecting. The store opened in 1868 and is the oldest stamp shop in Spain

Any resident or visitor to Madrid should go, at least once, to the Coin and Stamp Collector’s Market, which takes place every Sunday morning in the beautiful Plaza Mayor. It’s one of the most historic markets in the city—the stalls and crowds fill the space under the arches of the Plaza, everyone looking for that tiny hidden treasure or just enjoying the atmosphere. For stamp collectors, close by in the Puerta del Sol is Filatelia Gálvez, a stamp shop that has been trading for more than 150 years. It’s been located in different premises but always at the epicentre of the madrileño philatelic community. At its current location, stamp collectors can find an extensive and high-quality stock, with particular emphasis on Spain from the 19th century to date. Those seeking thematic collections will find stamps focusing on subjects such as animals, aeroplanes, paintings, sports, flowers, music, monarchy, and Christmas, amongst many others. The shop also has philatelic memorabilia and literature, including magazines in different languages and books from all around the world. The company participates in the countless fairs and exhibitions throughout the year. (by Camino Martínez)

Filatelia Gálvez,  Puerta del Sol, 4 (Metro: Sol). Tel: 91 531 46 00. Shop: Tues, 10.30am-2.30pm. Phone service: Mon-Fri, 10.30am-6pm. See

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