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Wednesday 23rd of January 2019
Camino Martinez 1303 28th of February 2013 by editor 4th of March 2013
Álvarez Gómez, 1928
Curiosity Shop: Álvarez Gómez

Founded in 1899, and still trading, Álvarez Gómez is one of the oldest perfumeries in the city—a classic Madrid store

At the end of the 19th century, Álvarez Gómez opened its doors in the heart of Madrid for the provision of fine perfumes, make-up, and beauty treatments. Some of its scents and fragrances were handmade on the shop premises from fresh flowers. As time progressed, perfume production increased and its reputation was secured by the popularity and quality of its products, such as its famous unisex Agua de Colonia. Clients included politicians, writers, artists, and members of the Royal Family, who indulged in the best toiletry products available.
    Its original premises were in Calle Sevilla, but the store then moved to Calle Serrano, where it continues business today; its name is still one of the most famous perfumery brands in the city. After Álvarez Gómez started a factory in Tres Cantos and several new lines—like shower gel, deodorant and bath salts—demand began to grow further afield, even stretching beyond the borders of Spain. In fact, to illustrate the brand’s international appeal, products are now available in the USA, the UK, Italy and Japan.
    Amongst its new stock you can find Barbería (meaning “barber’s shop”), a product line just for men, which includes cologne, shampoo, shaving foam and aftershave—so there are plenty of options if you are thinking of celebrating Father’s Day in Spain, which is on 19 March.

Álvarez Gómez. C/Serrano, 14 (Metro: Retiro). Tel: 91 431 33 20. See

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