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Wednesday 21st of November 2018
Dennis MacInnes 1209 19th of September 2012 by Laura Tabor 19th of September 2012
Winter of the World

Ken Follett Macmillan

Having started his Century Trilogy with Fall of Giants, Ken Follett continues his epic family saga with the second volume, Winter of the World. This latest novel covers the most turbulent years of the 20th century—the rise of Naziism, the Spanish Civil War, and the enormous upheaval, drama and emotional turmoil of World War Two. Following the fortunes of five interrelated families from five different nations (England, the USA, Germany, Russia and Wales), Follett describes with historical accuracy the world factors and events that influence and motivate the decisions of his characters, whilst at the same time weaving for each a web of individual choices based on romance, ambition, devotion or courage. Lloyd Williams is one such individual, from a socialist coal-mining family, who faces harsh truths about politics during the Spanish Civil War, or there’s Carla von Ulrich, an 11-year-old of German and English parents, undertaking a brave yet heartbreaking action. By setting out the ways that war and conflict alter society, Follett reveals the compromises that need to be made for survival, and the consequences that often have to be faced. At 800 pages, Winter of the World is not going to rest easy in your bag, and nor should it. It takes on a huge chunk of history, yet succeeds in gripping and fascinating the reader, whether taken from the perspective of the rich or poor, the home or the battlefront, or the doubtful or the devoted.                           


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