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Tuesday 20th of November 2018
Maritza Mossberg 1301 4th of January 2013 by editor 4th of January 2013
Snow White Must Die

Nele Neuhaus Macmillan

Snow White Must Die is a murder mystery that proves to be anything but a fairytale. The story takes place in a seemingly quiet and posh small town in modern-day Germany, where the residents will do anything to keep outsiders from knowing the truth about a dark event that occurred in its recent past. That event resulted in 20-year-old Tobias Sartorious, a villager himself, being convicted of murdering two 17-year-old girls. When 17-year-old Amelie Frölich goes missing after personally trying to investigate what happened, detectives are determined to find out what the village is hiding. Tobias Sartorius, having served his sentence, once again seems to be the most obvious suspect. With multiple story arcs and well-developed characters, author Nele Neuhaus masterfully creates an intricate web of details and lies which draws the reader in, to the point of feeling a personal investment in the outcome. There seems a subtle underlying social commentary on the criminal justice system, apparent in the way Tobias was wrongfully convicted to ten years in prison based on circumstantial evidence, and the novel also highlights some of human nature’s uglier themes: mob mentality, the dangerous pull of power, and the desperate measures people are willing to take to ensure survival. There are one or two unsettling loose ends at the close of the novel, but nonetheless, the story is sure to keep you hooked with its amalgamation of murder, mystery, sex, lies, violence, heartache, and heart-racing suspense.

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