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Rip It Up

Richard Wiseman Macmillan

After bestsellers such as The Luck Factor, Quirkology and 59 Seconds, psychologist Richard Wiseman turns conventional self-help on its head in his latest book, Rip It Up. There’s no doubt this is about changing your life, but the key here is that the suggestions are supported by thought-provoking and curious scientific evidence. The underlying principle is an idea presented more than 100 years ago by psychologist William James—that your personality and emotions respond to your behaviour, rather than your behaviour being a result of your emotions. Whilst most self-help books recommend altering the way we think, Rip It Up proposes that it’s easier and more successful to change the way we act, even in small and simple ways. In other words, if you want to be happier, smile more, or to feel more confident, behave in a confident manner. Wiseman suggests ways and means of achieving these small but important changes, with each chapter focusing on one particular application, ranging from falling in love and increasing will power to enhancing negotiation skills and improving persuasion techniques. What makes the book work especially well is that each recommendation is invariably backed by details of interesting, and often surprisingly little-known, modern scientific studies. The emphasis is also on maintaining the changes you make—hence Rip It Up instructs you, at certain points, to tear a page out of the book. That’s probably not something you’d normally do, but that’s the issue—to alter your behaviour and the way that you act.               


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