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Tuesday 20th of November 2018
Tim Inkling 1303 4th of March 2013 by admin 4th of March 2013
Follow the Money

A Review of the Book: Follow the Money written by Steve Boggan and published by Union

It’s a great idea for a travelogue, and one that might have deterred lesser men, not least because it would be very easy to lose track of your prey—in this case, a ten dollar bill numbered IA74407937A. Steve Boggan decided to spend it, and then follow its path as it changed from hand to hand. It turns into an epic journey as the bill is passed from one individual to another, and in 30 days the writer travels more than 3,000 miles on its tail. What makes the book work particularly well is that Boggan is British, with the “ten dollar bill chase” fulfilling an odd life-long ambition, and he provides an outsider’s perspective on the people he meets as he winds his way across the Midwest of the USA—Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Of course, this means asking each new recipient of the bill if they would allow him to continue the chase, but all oblige, and he crosses paths with a wide variety of citizens, including truckers, musicians, missionaries, bankers, army veterans, bartenders, and even deer hunters. The journey begins in the dead centre of the US, which apparently is a town called Lebanon in Kansas, and Boggan’s escapades open his, and our, eyes to many of the misconceptions about the American public. Despite the harsh times that are being suffered throughout the Midwest due to the current economic crisis, there are still plenty of uplifting and optimistic tales to be read. A crazy concept that should never have worked in fact works deliciously well.

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