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Wednesday 21st of November 2018
Tim Inkling 1211 7th of November 2012 by PollyRose 7th of November 2012
Into the Abyss

Carol Shaben MacMillan

In 1984, a small commuter plane carrying ten people took off in worryingly bad weather for remote communities in northern Canada. The plane crashed in thick, almost inaccessible, forest, and six of the ten passengers lost their lives. Four survived, and Into the Abyss is the story of those survivors, from the traumatic moment of the crash, their experience awaiting rescue, the publicity and investigation that followed, and how the event changed their lives forever. The survivors were not friends—they were strangers from different backgrounds, which adds to the attraction of the tale as each deals with the tragedy in his own way. There’s Erik, a young pilot who had never wanted to take off in such appalling conditions in the first place; Scott, a rookie cop who had removed the handcuffs that were keeping his prisoner, Paul, attached to him. Paul was the only person to escape relatively unscathed. And Larry, a respected politician and family man. Larry’s daughter, Carol, is the author of the book, and spent many years researching the story and interviewing those who were connected to it in any way. The result is an in-depth tale of not only the crash, but of the causes, reactions and outcomes. What makes for particularly interesting reading is the story of the four survivors after the incident, which touches on unlikely heroes, changes of fortune, and further tragedy. Unlike the movies, in real life, sometimes a rescue is just a beginning.

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