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Madrid City in English
Sunday 18th of November 2018


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Almost every building in Madrid has an elevator or two, but spending a few minutes in one with a complete stranger can make or break your day. suggests a few tips to avoid embarrassing social interaction

Need to entertain your friends when they visit? Or just need a nice relaxing trip yourself? finds that Madrid’s public buses can provide a great sightseeing experience

Fancy a bar crawl that makes you feel above everyone else? hits the high life at four of Madrid’s rooftop terraces

During his career as a music journalist in the sixties, Tony Norman met some of the biggest names in the business. and meet him in Madrid to discuss his book about the decade, My Cool Sixties: Lennon, Jagger & The Rest

City living can be tough. Here is a basic guide to keeping streetwise in the face of increasing petty crime

The cameras, the culture and the craft— looks at the art of lomography and exposes a photography phenomenon that’s starting to grip the streets of Madrid

A quick profile and video spot of Madrid-based avant garde traditional Irish fiddle player, composer and musicologist, Eoghan Neff

If you had to move away from Madrid, what would you pine for? What aspects of the city have carved themselves in the depths of your mind? quizzes expats to find some surprising choices

Mid-west American band Low tour Spain this month. meets lead vocalist Alan Sparhawk to talk about their music, relationships and recording secrets

As top Spanish group Marlango, fronted by actress and singer Leonor Watling, release their new album, meets the band to discover their English connections