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Madrid City in English
Monday 19th of November 2018


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If you’re visiting London, what’s the best plan to see the city? InMadrid’s Maritza Mossberg recently ventured to the capital of the land of tea and biscuits, and offers her personal view on how to make the most of your time

The Rastro is an essential part of any visit to Madrid. chats to some stallholders to find out how they became part of the market’s marvellous mix

On the eve of their trip to one of the world’s most important music festivals, SXSW in Texas, Nick Haughton chats with Garrett Wall, founding member of Madrid-based Track Dogs, about the road travelled, the path ahead and the recent, exciting turn of events

Street artist Spidertag brightens up Madrid, and other urban and rural sites, using only wool, nails and a hammer. Catriona Spaven-Donn finds out what inspires him to light up abandoned corners with colourful webs

In public spaces and small yarn-filled shops around Madrid, devotees of crochet, knitting, and other craftwork form a network of skilled artisans. Laura Tabor explores their haunts and learns about the appeal of the hobby

In the second part of her interview with 85-year-old Doris White, Alexandra Sheffield continues Doris’s remarkable story following her arrival in Madrid in 1950

They pen lyrics in English, find inspiration in the strangest places, and have a new album under their belts. Chelsea Mooney meets Madrid’s Autumn Comets

Three wars, spying, escaping, Barcelona, Madrid, London, and even a dash of Jane Eyre—Alexandra Sheffield meets 85-year-old Doris White to hear her unusual and adventurous family story

Madrileña actress, model, and presenter Cristina Pedroche is about to head to the Dominican Republic to cover the Ron Barceló Desalia music festival. Jeff Wiseman finds out more about her traits, tastes and... tortoise

Where you kiss—meaning a location rather than a part of the body—is sometimes just as important as timing and touch. suggests seven Madrid venues that could add to the intensity