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Madrid City in English
Wednesday 23rd of January 2019


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Antonio ‘Noni’ López, lead singer with Spanish rock band Lori Meyers, speaks to Richard Lewington about the band’s new album Impronta, and this month’s appearance at Madrid’s Día de la Música Festival. Additional reporting by Cristina Álvarez López

Rachel Morgan catches first-time director Jake Schreier on his recent visit to Madrid to find out about his highly acclaimed debut, Robot & Frank, starring Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon

The Madrid production of The Lion King has been running for more than 18 months, but how does an actor become involved in such a complex theatrical masterpiece? Richard Lewington talks to Wellington Nascimento Dos Santos—vulture and zebra

On the eve of their trip to one of the world’s most important music festivals, SXSW in Texas, Nick Haughton chats with Garrett Wall, founding member of Madrid-based Track Dogs, about the road travelled, the path ahead and the recent, exciting turn of events

They pen lyrics in English, find inspiration in the strangest places, and have a new album under their belts. Chelsea Mooney meets Madrid’s Autumn Comets

Madrileña actress, model, and presenter Cristina Pedroche is about to head to the Dominican Republic to cover the Ron Barceló Desalia music festival. Jeff Wiseman finds out more about her traits, tastes and... tortoise

With a story that imagines a darker side to the character of Walt Disney, Madrid’s Teatro Real is hosting the premiere of the opera The Perfect American. Opera singer John Easterlin, who takes the role of Andy Warhol in the production, talks to InMadrid’s Laura Stephens about his experience and preparation

With a growing reputation, and having released his first album, musician and composer Daniel Minimalia plays Madrid this month. Richard Lewington speaks to him about the love and labour of creating music

After a scramble for publishing rights, 26-year-old Emma Chapman’s debut novel How to Be a Good Wife is released this month. She tells Laura Tabor how the book takes readers into the claustrophobic mind of a woman living a mundane life while coping with spectres from the past

Famed historical fiction author Philippa Gregory attended the recent Hay Festival in Segovia. InMadrid’s Kelly Rummel soaks up her 60-minute presentation in the wonderful location of the 11th-century San Juan de los Cabelleros church