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Madrid City in English
Wednesday 12th of December 2018
Jeff Wiseman 1302 30th of January 2013 by admin 4th of February 2013
Teleférico Photo:flickr_spencer77
The perfect place for lips to meet

Where you kiss—meaning a location rather than a part of the body—is sometimes just as important as timing and touch. suggests seven Madrid venues that could add to the intensity

Kisses, and especially first ones, are not always successful. Closing your eyes and leaning forward to touch lips, only to discover that your partner has turned their head, can be extremely embarrassing, particularly if your nose ends up in their left ear. “Sorry” or “whoops” just don’t seem enough to cover the failure.
    So anything that can add to the chances of success should be welcomed, and Madrid has a number of venues that can offer that extra slice of romance, atmosphere, or frankly just provide a really good excuse to attempt some exciting mouth-to-mouth stimulation.

Atocha station
This may not seem the most inspired choice, and realistically you’re more than likely to be bowled over by someone who has decided to travel with a suitcase that’s bigger than the city they’re visiting, but nevertheless the greenhouse-style area presents a tropical option. Palm trees, exotic plants and ponds help to build the atmosphere to Amazon proportions.
Museo del Romanticismo-Satire on romantic suicide Things to say to boost the moment: “I brought you here because one day we’ll discover a lost city together”; “Whoever said there’s nothing left to explore hadn’t set eyes on you”; “Of all the wild creatures that might be hiding in here, I promise I’ll be the wildest”.
Avoid: “Don’t move, because I think the spider that’s dangling behind you should really be in a cage”.

El Viaducto
Situated near the Almudena Cathedral, with wonderful views over the south of Madrid, this area is an ideal route for an evening stroll. It’s a long drop to Calle de Segovia, which runs beneath the viaduct, and even though large perspex screens are in place on the low bridge walls, holding hands here seems second nature.
Things to say to boost the moment: “The view almost takes my breath away as much as you do”; “I’ll hold you close just in case you slip”.
Avoid: Mentioning that the viaduct still has a reputation as a suicide point.

Museo del Romanticismo
Need we say more? However, despite the title, this is a museum of the romantic period, not of romance itself. Based in Calle de San Mateo, near Tribunal metro, one of its most popular works is Leonardo Alenza’s “Satire on Romantic Suicide”, which is designed to be ironic and criticises the excesses of the romantic movement. The museum’s Café del Jardin is wonderful for tea and cakes.
Things to say to boost the moment: “Despite the artwork here, the most romantic movement for me is always this…” (then kiss).
Avoid: “Why are there no pictures of Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet?”Puerta America Hotel Lift, flickr: George Arriola

Hotel Puerta América Lift
The multi-coloured and multi-worded facade of the Hotel Puerta América, in Avenida de América near Cartagena metro, boasts an exterior glass elevator to its popular and trendy bar on the 13th floor. The journey in the confines of the lift presents a short but unmissable romantic opportunity, with great views over the south-east of Madrid, especially at night.
Things to say to boost the moment: “There are lots of lights in the city, but the two sparkling the brightest are just below your eyebrows”; or, whilst the lift is moving, “Until now, I never thought I’d pray for a short power failure in Madrid”.
Avoid: “Do you remember the movie “The Towering Inferno”?

Not many cities can boast a cable car, but Madrid is lucky to have the Teleférico that runs from Paseo del Pintor Rosales to the Casa de Campo. The cars are cosy, and there’s plenty of time not just to admire the excellent views, but to stare into each others’ eyes. (See
Things to say to boost the moment: “When I’m in your company I always feel this far off the ground”.
Avoid: Taking a walk in the Casa de Campo after dark, unless you want proposals that involve a lot more than just kissing.

Museo del Prado
With the number of statues and paintings on show in the Prado, romance is bound to be covered at various points, but we’d recommend Titian’s Venus with the Organist. The meaning of the work is disputed—some see it as solely erotic, others as an allegory for the senses, with sight and hearing required for appreciating beauty and harmony.
Things to say to boost the moment: “With you by my side, I can faintly hear the organ music”; “I’d love to paint you in that style, but I’d probably be accused of repeTitian”.
Avoid: “I’ve got a big organ too”.

Calle Amor Hermoso
“Where?” we hear you cry, but believe it or not Madrid has a street called Calle Amor Hermoso—the Street of Beautiful Love. It’s a short walk from Usera metro, and there’s nothing special there, but with a name like that it’s surely worth a trip.
Things to say to boost the moment: “I thought that maybe the Council named it after us”.
Avoid: Your partner accusing you of dragging him or her all the way across town to see a street sign. Carry a small gift in your pocket just in case you need to calm the situation.

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Retiro Lake

Guest's picture

I think that a perfect place for lips to meet in Madrid will be the lake in Retiro Park. We can rent a boat for half an hour and move all around the lake. The perfect moment is the sunset, when tree shades begin to be longer and the yellow lights of the park are shining creating an intimate atmosphere. And to prove our love, we can make turns to row the boat :)