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Madrid City in English
Monday 19th of November 2018

Feature Articles

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With money becoming a scarce commodity in the economic crisis, discovers a resource that allows you to trade other valuable options: skills and time

Ever noticed someone odd amongst the Spanish nativity scenes? Someone perhaps doing something he shouldn’t? investigates the story of the caganer—the pooing man

Love padlocks, or Love Locks, are affixed to a fence, gate or bridge by sweethearts to symbolize their everlasting love. investigates the trend, and asks some Madrid residents about their personal romantic tributes

seeks works of art on Madrid’s streets that might make the heart flutter for the most outrageous reasons

Icky, Scooter and Ping got together last year to form The Hairy-Faced Cheese Graters. finds out about their unique style, the bridges crossed and the road ahead

checks out some great madrileño produce at a farmers’ market not far from the city centre

The Mutua Madrid Open tennis tournament takes place annually in May. checks out the tests and trials to select the ball girls and ball boys, for whom a court appearance is going to be highly desirable

The Barbarettes are Madrid’s new English-speaking women’s rugby team. meets their captain, and also catches up on the progress of their male counterparts, the Barbarians

More than 270 million copies of Jeffrey Archer’s books have been sold worldwide. speaks to him about his latest work, The Sins of the Father, the second book of his five-volume epic, The Clifton Chronicles

If ET mentioned phoning home today, he’d have phone operators chasing him round the planet. All of them want your business—but if you’re just looking to call across borders or continents, which offer the best options? Andrew Sheehan investigates