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Madrid City in English
Wednesday 12th of December 2018
27th of December 2012 by admin 18th of December 2014
Walkie Talkie

Walk and talk in English with native speaker, in the Sierra of Madrid
Pasear y charlar en inglés en la sierra de Madrid

Valle de Fuenfría  

Fuenfria Valley Walks

We are doing regular guided walks in English through the beautiful Fuenfria valley in Cercedilla. They cost €5 / person. We depart from Cercedilla train station at 12:45 and return about two and a half hours later.

The idea is to walk and talk in English, get some exercise and have some fun at the same time.

If you are interested then please leave your details and SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER HERE.


How to get there

Cercanías train C2 leaves Atocha at 11 in the morning and arrives in Cercedilla at 12.20.

By bus: Larrea (684) leaves Moncloa at 11:40. About an hour later you need to get off at Cercedilla RENFE station. It's just after you go under a railway bridge.

By car you can take the motorway A6 (carretera de Coruña) and take the first exit for Guadarrama. Drive through the town and you'll come to a right-hand turn signposted for Cercedilla.


What to bring

In winter we should bring impermeable clothes and footwear (mountain boots are best) and maybe a change of clothes if rain is forecast. A sandwich (bocadillo) and something to drink.

We try to do a route with good tree coverage.



Nick 618 434 067

madrid [dot] action [at] gmail [dot] com

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Guest's picture

Hola Nick mi nombre es Alex, soy estudiante de la escuela de Idiomas, esta idea me parece EXCELLENT!!! seguro que a la próxima caminata me apuntaré. Cuanta gente generalmente se apunta?.

Un saludo.


Hola Alex, estamos empezando

admin's picture

Hola Alex, estamos empezando así que supongo que al principio los números serán pequeños. También estamos con mal tiempo estos días aquí en la sierra. La caminata de mañana, por ejemplo, probablemente va ser con nieve (70% probabilidad por encima de los 900 metros). Pero yo lo haré, aunque de momento solo tengo una persona apuntada y tres más que quizá asistirán. Ya veremos!

A mi también me parece una

Guest's picture

A mi también me parece una actividad muy interesante. Aunque estos días hace bastante frio y puede resultar un poco dificil.. Como fue al final la caminata? Si se organiza otra más me gustaría apuntarme.. Un saludo

Hi Charo, we will be doing a

admin's picture

Hi Charo, we will be doing a walk this Sunday. Yes it's going to be a bit cold and maybe wet too. We will keep you up to date on this page. If you'd like to come, please fill in the form above.

Why not speak English in here too

Guest's picture

If this is an English thing why not announce everything in English ?