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Madrid City in English
Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Everything tagged with Photography

La maleta mexicana

The story of the “maleta mexicana” (Mexican suitcase) is remarkable by itself.

Tal como somos. Indentidades cotidianas.

Madrid is a mecca for people-watching, and photographers Luis Baylón and Ricardo Cases have turned this activity into an art form. Tal como somos. Indentidades cotidianas (Just As We Are.

Wall to wall zombies

They march, staggering slowly onward: unstoppable, unthinking, filled with an insatiable thirst… Bankers perhaps? English teachers searching for coffee on a Monday morning?

Javier Bragado: 'LIVE AND LOUD'

Rock and photography enthusiasts will come together to explore the work of Javier Bragado in “LIVE AND LOUD”, showing at EFTI until 9 Dec.

Fotógrafos. La voluntad de contra

Photograher Enrique Cano pays homage to the work of Spanish photojournalists during the last 40 years, with the exhibition Fotógrafos, La voluntad de contar (Photographers:The will to tell).

Robert Adams: el lugar donde vivimos. Una selección retrospectiva de fotografías

Born in 1937, Robert Adams took up photography in the 1960s in order to try to capture the rapid topographical changes he was witnessing in his home city of Denver.

La Intimidad

An exhibition of photographs by César Ordóñez which examines the concept of intimacy in a physical, emotional, and spiritual nature.

Miradas de una coleccionista: Anabel Suero de González

Organised as part of the Festival Miradas de Mujeres, the Blanca Berlin gallery is showing 35 photographs from the collection of Anabel Suero de González, which includes work by Imagen Cunningham, Gil

La vanguardia feminista de los años 70

As part of PHotoEspaña 2013, the Circulo de Bellas Artes presents this exhibition, drawn from the Austrian collection of Sammlung Verbund, which focuses on feminist art since the 1970s.

Darren Almond: El espíritu del tiempo

One of the most well-known artists of our generation, Darren Almond revolutionised international art in the 1990s.

Marilyn and Me and Others: América y los 60

Lawrence Schiller is known for his photos of the famous—people such as Robert Kennedy, Barbara Streisand, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, and, of course, Marilyn Monroe.


Born in 1998, the PHotoEspaña photography and visual arts festival has become one of Spain’s most well-known, showcasing veteran and upcoming artists.

Chema Conesa. Retratos de papel.

Retrospective of the photographer who carried off the Premio de Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid in 2011. Born in Murcia in '52, Chema Conesa is one of the big names in Spanish photography.

Photo España 2014

Once again this truly gargantuan, international photo fest comes to town featuring more than 440 photographers and over 108 exhibitions.

World Press Photo Competition

World Press Photo is a non-lucrative foundation which was formed in Amsterdam back in 1955 with the aim of supporting the work of professional photo journalists.