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Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Everything tagged with Exhibitions

Balenciaga and Versace at the Museo del Traje

The Museo del Traje offers two exhibitions this month.

La maleta mexicana

The story of the “maleta mexicana” (Mexican suitcase) is remarkable by itself.

Proto Anime Cut. Espacios y visiones en la animación japonesa

Since Akira (1988), Japanese film animation has undertaken its own unique journey of development.

El universo de la moda Jean Paul Gaultier. De la calle a las estrellas

Don’t be alarmed if the mannequins at this exhibition start talking to you—they are being used to display the work of iconic and controversial French designer Jean Paul Gaultier in a tour which comes

The Art of Hard Rock

An exhibition of 40 original works of art by rock stars such as John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Elton John, with Joaquín Sabina representing Spain, comes to Madrid’s Hard

Gauguin y el viaje a lo exótico

What didn’t Paul Gauguin do?

Encuentros con los años 30

This new exhibition focuses on the trailblazing actions and attitudes of artists in the 1930s who insisted on producing works in spite of the political and economic turmoil seen nearly everywhere in E

El paisajista Martín Rico (1833-1908)

As part of the Prado’s objective to highlight nineteenth century Spanish painters, the end of this month sees a monographic exhibition of landscape pieces by Madrid-born artist Martín Rico.

Belenes del Mundo

This exhibition concludes this year’s Antropología (in)visible: del almacén a la vitrina (Anthropology (in)visible: From Warehouse to Showcase) at the Museo Nacional de Antropología, which has allowed

Muñecas Animadas: La Exposición

Muñecas Animadas Román y Cía hope to take their fans on a visual, didactic and interactive journey through their creative world in Muñecas Animadas at Teatro Circo Price.

Javier Bragado: 'LIVE AND LOUD'

Rock and photography enthusiasts will come together to explore the work of Javier Bragado in “LIVE AND LOUD”, showing at EFTI until 9 Dec.


Though best known as a purple or white flower with unusual petals, orchids are actually one of the world’s most popular house plants, of which more than 20,000 species exist.

The Afronauts

Cristina de Middel’s Afronauts presents a unique photo-essay based on the Zambian space race efforts of the early 1960s.

Torres y rascacielos. De Babel a Dubái

Taking visitors on a journey through the history of architecture that reaches for the sky, Torres y rascacielos.

Museo del Prado - Dibujos de Goya restaurados

Seventeen drawings by Goya (14 of which were in preparation for his Caprichos series) have been restored and now form this temporary exhibition.

Centro de Arte Reina Sofía - Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa:¿Queréis un amo? ¡Lo tendréis!

Spanish artist Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa’s exhibition comprises a series of charcoal drawings, representing a criticism of the social norms that society has constructed between master and apprentice, ma

Fundación Mapfre - Retratos. Obras maestras. Centre Pompidou

Eighty portraits from the Pompidou Centre in Paris, by some of the world’s greatest contemporary artists, are on display at the Fundación Mapfre.

Galería Esquina Arte Contemporáneo - Javier Aramburu: Primera exposición

San Sebastian graphic designer and illustrator Javier Aramburu’s first exhibition displays a combination of paintings, portraits and drawings produced during his past five years of retirement.

Pompeya, catástrofe bajo el Vesubio

With more than 600 items on show from the world-famous site on the coast of Italy, Pompeya, catástrofe bajo el Vesubio (Pompeii, catastrophe under Vesuvius) looks to examine the vibrant city before, d

Durero. Grabador. Del Gótico al renacimiento

Durero, Grabador, Del Gótico al renacimiento (Durer, Engraver, from the Gothic to the Renaissance), the latest exhibition at the Biblioteca Nacional, boasts an ample assortment of Albrecht Dürer’s mos

Proyecto Fake

Hungarian counterfeiter Elmyr de Hory is said to have produced and sold more than 1,000 paintings, which have been displayed in museums worldwide.

Maestros del caos: Artistas y chamanes

Masters of Chaos: Artists and Shamans examines the relationship between order and chaos, and the sacred and the profane, from ancient times to the present day.

Pisando metas: Historia del calzado deportivo

It’s fair to say that you’ll get a kick out of this exhibition, as on display are more than 50 different sports shoes from the 19th and 20th century, ranging from ice skates to football boots.

Chema Conesa. Retratos de papel.

Retrospective of the photographer who carried off the Premio de Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid in 2011. Born in Murcia in '52, Chema Conesa is one of the big names in Spanish photography.