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Madrid City in English
Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

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Sven Väth@Fabrik
21 June, 11.30pm-21 June, 11.30pm

Sven Väth is a DJ who has produced a large body of work since his career began in 1982. He was one of the founders of legendary trance music label Harthouse and the now-defunct Eye Q, as well as being among the very first DJs to play trance records. Today, he is the owner of the Cocoon Music Event company. He is also a shareholder of the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt and hosts the Cocoon Ibiza Events at Amnesia. Väth has fans in the most important clubs across the globe as well as at the world’s biggest festivals. He toured South America and played in the Thai jungle, and he is a cultural ambassador of the German Goethe Institute. On the dancefloor, his music unites a wide range of age groups. The reader’s polls of the big music magazines regularly see him in the top ranks in every important category, and his tours lead him to more than 70 cities and numerous festivals on four continents throughout the year. On the 21st, Väth will be providing an evening of no-nonsense trance and progressively euphoric beats.

Avenida Industria, 82, Humanes de Madrid. (Bus service from Plaza de España). Fri, 21 June. 11.30pm-6.30am.


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