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Monday 19th of November 2018

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Ruby Sparks

The directors behind the indie hit "Little Miss Sunshine" return after six years with a shining jewel in their armour in the form of Zoe Kazan. In "Ruby Sparks", Zoe makes an astoundingly assured debut as the film’s writer, and also plays the title role as a seemingly perfect girlfriend for Calvin (Paul Dunn), a neurotic literary prodigy who topped the New York Times Bestsellers’ list as a 19-year-old. Calvin has since lost his inspiration, but when dreams about a mysterious girl, he soon puts pen to paper to start writing about her too. Magically—and to prevent yet another formulaic romcom—the girl, Ruby Sparks, comes to life and at first appears to be the type of woman Calvin has been waiting for. However, time is telling and before long she proves not as faultless as he imagined. Whilst whimsical on the surface, the movie entertains a far darker concept in modern relationships. Calvin’s ability to “write” the perfect girl and make her adhere to his almost never-ending list of requirements offer effective commentary on the need for perfection, and the movie has enough clever observations and insight to make us think about our own relationships, in the same vein as "(500) Days of Summer".
"Ruby Sparks" doesn’t reach the heights of the charming "Little Miss Sunshine", but it’s still a refreshing change from the generic romcom genre. Paul Dunn excels as Calvin, and Annette Bening and Antonio Banderas provide great supporting roles, but it is Zoe Kazan who really shines with her sweet and quirky portrayal of the leading lady. (By Sean Mackenney).

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