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Madrid City in English
Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

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Manu Chao
17 May, 10.30pm-17 May, 10.30pm

Born in Spain to a Basque mum and Galician dad, Manu Chao and his family moved to Paris when he was still a baby. Chao began his musical career with Hot Pants, a French band that combined a huge variation of musical styles. A few years later, he founded the eclectic band Mano Negra with his brother and a bunch of mates. Yet he really made his mark when he became a solo artist in 1995. His music is even more experimental than that of Mano Negra, with a heavier focus on Ska, Rai and Latino. He plays the guitar, and is usually accompanied in live shows by a band called Radio Bemba Sound System, which includes horns, keyboards and various world musical instruments. He favours an upbeat sound that lets each song roll into the next whilst his lyrics touch on a varied range of issues, from the mundane and meaningless (“King of the Bongo”, for example) to ‘deep’ stuff like love, poverty, and world politics. He sings in at least seven languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Galician, English, Arabic and Wolof, impressively sometimes all in the same song. Before you get your tickets, check out his 2001 album Próxima Estación: Esperanza. Frequent users of Madrid Metro’s line four will notice a very familiar announcement.

Fri, 17 May, 10.30pm. Auditorio Miguel Ríos, Avenida Juan Carlos I, s/n, Rivas Vaciamadrid (Metro: Rivas Futura). Tickets €20 from


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