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Madrid City in English
Monday 19th of November 2018

Event details

Madrid Gastrofestival
19 January  -3 February  

Organised by the Madrid Visitors & Convention Bureau in collaboration with Madrid Fusión, the city’s fourth annual Gastrofestival offers an array of activities and culinary experiences, along with the opportunity to savour good food and enjoy the event’s ties with various artistic disciplines. In a feast for the senses, you can enjoy any or all of six “courses”—Sensory Experiences, Gastroculture, Gourmet Madrid, Gastrofashion, Gastrohealth and Enoculture. More than 300 establishments take part in the programme, and new features include a “Route for the Sweet-Toothed” (to discover the best bakeries), “Colombian Coffee Route”, “Gastronomy in Music” and “Menus by Elle” (under Gastrofashion banner, in which the décor of the restaurants taking part will share the spotlight with the food). The Prado Museum joins the programme for the first time, offering a educational tour entitled “Artistic Banquets”, looking at paintings that reflect the importance of food in art. The Enoculture section will include cultural activities dedicated to wine, and will also bring bands to several Madrid clubs in connection with the second edition of the Enofestival of independent music. Photography, film, theatre, books, music and, in particular, paintings, which will be exhibited in more than twenty galleries and museums, are the main ingredients of Gastroculture.
The price of set menus at various distinguished restaurants throughout the city remain the same as last year, at €25 and €40. Degustatapas will continue to
offer a tapa and beer for €3, and those who prefer wine can enjoy the launch
of “Rioja in our Favourite Bars”—a tapa and a glass of wine for €6. On this occasion, Gastrohealth will not only feature ecological restaurants and shops, but will also help to promote the prevention of cardiovascular disease through nutrition. Thanks to an agreement between the Spanish Heart Foundation and Madrid Fusión, participating restaurants will be able to indicate healthy-heart dishes on their menus. American Express and Mahou sponsorships together with the collaboration of Lavinia
and Elle have made it possible to turn this coming edition into the most ambitious
Gastrofestival to date.

Madrid Gastrofestival, 19 Jan-3 Feb. For full details of events and venues, see


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