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Monday 19th of November 2018

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Ismanah Hayes
22 May  -22 June  

Ismanah Hayes is a prize-winning British born artist who has spent her life moving from country to country before finally finding home in Madrid with her son. She studied sculpture and painting at the Sydney National Art School and went on to exhibit in both group and individual exhibitions in Australia, England and Spain.

Her paintings vary in subject and style depending on the moment. Some of her paintings (oil) are of a naive feel, telling stories which are often autobiographical. They have been referred to as poetical or lyrical. They are always bright, full of colour as the light and buzz of Madrid affect and inspire her. She paints with ample texture, on old window shutters, doors, wood blocks and canvas. In this current exhibition she is showing a selection of such pieces, alongside portraits , pencil sketches with poetry and thoughts, and in the windows of the shop you will find an array of carved plaster frames and reliefs.

Ismanah Hayes, Mad Planet, Calle Bronce 10 (corner of Antracita). Metro: Arganzuela Planetario or Legazpi. Open everyday except Mondays. Until 22 June.


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